Reading is important to the black community

I sat in a church meeting one year and learned that if a African American boy does not learn to read fluently by the third grade or age 8 our justice system will be building their jail cell based on third grade reading scores. This is horrible. So what do we do as black parents? We make sure our child is interested in reading if not we have to find ways to make it fun. I started as early as in the womb. I read daily no matter what it was a newspaper, magazine, billboard, I read out loud to my baby for vocabulary purposes. When my child is born I read 2 books everyday to that child even when they are able to read I still read to them. This seems to work depending on how much you care to teach your child to read. It has worked for me which I have 4 children. 3 in school and one an infant. The older three are all at least 2 grades ahead in reading. My infant crawls to the bookshelf and picks out books he likes and bring them to me to read. I think this is a great method for getting children interested in reading.


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